What Should I Pack for my Cruise?

If you are like most people in today's world, it feels downright time consuming to write down
every item you need for your cruise and go on a scavenger hunt at your local Wal-Mart store to
try and locate every item you need; that is why we have taken the liberty of providing you
a direct link for each product located at amazon.com; this way you can easily add what you need
to your cart, checkout and not have to think about the lines and crowds at your local store!

Below is a comprehensive list of what you may need on your next cruise:

Toiletries for Cruise

Toiletries & Bathroom Accessories

Don't forget your typical toiletries, these can be expensive to replace once you get on the ship.
Also remember that most of these products come in Travel Size!

Deodorant - Travel Size                   Toothbrush                   Toothpaste - Travel Size

Mouthwash - Travel Size                  Dental Floss                  Aftershave - Travel Size

Shaving Cream - Travel Size                Razor                       Body Wash - Travel Size

Shampoo - Travel Size                         Flat Iron                    Conditioner - Travel Size

Makeup Accessories                  Feminine Products                    Lotion - Travel Size

Hair Brush                                             Tweezers

Tip: Most Cruise Lines will provide you with Generic Shampoo/Conditioner and small
generic bars of Soap; they also provide a Hair Dryer, and please remember that most
Cruise Lines will not let you bring your own hair dryer or an Iron (for clothes).

Medicine and First Aid for Cruise

Medicine & First Aid

Perscription Medication                    Dramamine                        Pain Reliever

Small First Aid Kit                      Birth Control Products                     Ear Plugs

Bug Spray                                            Sunscreen                               Aloe Vera

Hand Sanitizer                                      Chapstick                         Pepto Bismol

  Electronics for Cruise

Electronics and other Gadgets

Remember that moments captured on recording devices will be one of the only
things you get to take home from your vacation that does not cost a thing! (Besides
an extra 10 pounds of body weight!)

Camera                             Extra Batteries (all electronics)                Extra Memory

Underwater Camera                   All Battery Chargers                            Camcorder

Laptop/Tablet                         Any Req. Plugin Adapters                       MP3 Player

Night Light                        Battery Operated Alarm Clock               Small Flashlight

Binoculars                                       Power Strip                                        Cell Phone

Clothing for Cruise


Much of the clothing you will need to pack will depend on a few factors
such as the climate, dressing code for dinners, if you like to exercise, etc.

Below you will find clothing for the majority of occasions while onboard:

Clothing for Men

Tuxedo or Suit                     Dress Shirt                   Undershirts

Dress Socks                           Ties                         Dress Shoes

(For all other clothing see section "Clothing for both Men and Women")

Clothing for Women

Camisole                                   Slip                          Pantyhose

Swimsuit Cover-up               Capri Pants                     Lingerie

Scarves                                     Purses                         Dresses

High Heels                                Jewelry                             Boots

(For all other clothing see section "Clothing for both Men and Women")

Clothing for both Men and Women

Underwear                              Sleepwear                      Sandals

Exercise Clothing                      Shoes                                Belts

Swimwear                                  Gloves                            Beanie

Hats                                         Sweatshirt                        Sweater

Windbreaker                           Rain Coat                            Pants

Shirts                                           Shorts                          Watches

Other Miscellaneous Items

Over the Door Shoe Organizer - This can be very useful for storing your toiletries and
other miscellaneous items, typically there is not a lot of room for storage so bringing one of these
onboard can help tremendously with keeping your room clutter free!

Heavy Duty Zip Lock Bags - Remember if you are packing anything liquid in your bags such as shampoo,
mouthwash, etc. to put them in a heavy duty zip lock bag! Your luggage attendants are about as gentle with
your bags as a bull is with red color objects! Having your liquid items covered in a strong zip lock bag
will ensure that your clothes make it through the journey without getting ruined!

Garbage Bags - Bringing a garbage bag is a great way to keep your dirty clothes separate from your
clean clothes; this will also help keep your room from getting cluttered!

Toiletries for Cruise

Carry-on Bag

Keep all Prescription Medication with you in your carry-on bag.

If you plan to get into the pools or hot tub as soon as you get on ship (they will be open), bring
those clothes in your carry-on bag; your other luggage may not get to your cabin until
much later in the afternoon.

You may want to bring your MP3 Player/charger/headphones, and a couple books to read.

Don't forget your Camera with its charger and extra battery.
And most importantly Bring SUNSCREEN!

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