What happens if I get caught sneaking Alcohol on a Cruise Ship?

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Caught Sneaking Alcohol on a Cruise!
The reason most people do not try to sneak alcohol on a Cruise is because they are worried about getting caught.

So what typically happens if you get caught with booze in your luggage?

The answer largely depends if you have a lock on your bag or not. If you have a lock on your bag you will likely be called down to the "naughty" room where you will be required to open the bag while they inspect your bag for alcohol.

If you do NOT have a lock on your bag they will likely remove the alcohol and leave you with a friendly note letting you know why they removed the alcohol from your bags and whether or not they will return it to you on the last day of the cruise.

Most of the time Cruise Lines will hold your alcohol and give it back to you on the last night of your trip. But if your alcohol is in a non-typical container, ie: a rum runner; the cruise line may dispose of both the alcohol and the Rum Runner Flask.

The majority of Cruise Lines will not kick you off the boat; here's why:

1) Now that they've confiscated your booze, guess what that means? More money for them because you now have to buy their overpriced alcohol.

2) If they were to kick you off the ship do you think you would ever cruise with them again?
They know the answer to that question and they are not about to create angry customers that will in turn tell their family and friends to stay away from their Cruise Line.

3) Cruise Lines know that the majority of their profit comes from the Casino, Excursions, Specialty Dining, etc. Kicking you off the Cruise would just mean less money for them.

All of this being said; most Cruise Lines state in their policy that they reserve the right to deny boarding, and although we have never heard of a single instance of this being enforced (due to bringing alcohol on a Cruise Ship) we cannot say with absolute certainty that they will never exercise this right.

Thinking about bringing alcohol onto your next Cruise?
Feel free to visit: How to Sneak Alcohol on Board a Cruise Ship
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