What if my Stateroom Attendant sees my Alcohol that I snuck on?

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It is never a good idea to leave you alcohol that you snuck on board in plain sight, especially while you are not in your stateroom.

There is a chance that you may be able to get away with leaving items like the Sunscreen Flask or Smuggs Jugs Flask Kit out in plain site, but Rum Runner Flasks definitely need to be out of sight.

Some Cruise Lines conduct random searches and will remove alcohol that was obviously snuck onto the cruise ship; so carelessly leaving your flasks out in the open can result in losing your booze!

Leaving Rum Runner Flasks Out in the Open However, most cruise lines clean your room up twice a day and many people end up accidently leaving their booze out at least once during their vacation.

Surprisingly though many people on forums report that their stateroom attendants did nothing to their alcohol while it was left out in the open.

In fact one person reported that the day of and the days following the time they left their alcohol out, their stateroom attendant began to stock ice in their cabin every time they cleaned it.

This makes sense for two big reasons:

First and foremost stateroom attendant’s income is largely based upon your gratuity, if they were to report you they would likely not benefit monetarily in anyway.

Second, you will constantly see your stateroom attendant while traveling to and from your stateroom; it would make for a super awkward encounter each and every time if you knew that your room attendant reported your snuck on alcohol.

But again, don’t assume that nothing will be done if you carelessly leave your alcohol in plan sight in your stateroom; some workers realize that their job is more important than their tip and will report it to their superiors.

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