How Should I pack my Booze?

Note: The tips and information provided on this website come directly from the manufactures of these items and/or countless posts of people sharing their experience. This website does not condone the misuse of any of these items in anyway. Those using any of this information for bringing alcohol on cruise line that does not allow it do so at their own risk.

Tips for Packing your Alcohol in your Luggage:

Step 1:

Do not over fill your alcohol containers!!!

When you get your rum runner flasks the instructions tell you not to fill any of your containers more than 85% full. It can be hard to resist the urge to fill it to the brim to get the most out of your container, but your container is far less likely to explode if you fill it to 85%.

Once your container is filled to 85%, remember to let out all the excess air in the flask by pressing on it until your beverage reaches the top, followed by sealing it with your cap.

Step 2:

Use a Heavy Duty zip lock bag!!!

This is very important! Your luggage Rough Luggage Handler attendants are as gentle with your bags as a bull is with red colored objects!

Your bags will get tossed around a lot and if your alcohol container blows without a zip lock bag around it, you are going to have a bad time…

Step 3:

When packing your rum runners or containers that have a cap to them, keep them near the rest of your toiletries that contain caps. When your bag goes through the x-ray the cap is very much visible and if all your caps are in the same area it will look less suspicious than if you have all of your caps in one area then one or two in a completely separate area.

9/10 times this will not matter because they aren’t looking for caps, but this is just another way to ensure you get your booze onboard.

Step 4:

Never bring your rum runners in your carry-on!

Always pack them in your checked luggage. This is especially important if you are flying to your cruise port, as TSA will find your alcohol and dispose of it.

Step 5:

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket!

Make sure to spread your alcohol out evenly between all of your bags. Do not put more than two rum runners in each suit case; this will not only reduce your chances of getting caught, but if by chance your alcohol gets confiscated out of one of your luggage bags, you will still have the alcohol from the other bags!

Step 6:

After you have put your alcohol in a zip lock bag (step 2) and put your container in the right spot (step 3); surround it with soft, cushy items that will not poke or put heavy pressure on your containers. If you have a pair of khakis with large side pockets this may be a good area to put your container in, or you can put it inside the pant leg of your jeans and roll them up. Keeping your alcohol surrounded by soft cushy items is another way to ensure that your alcohol makes it to your room intact!

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