What if I miss my Cruise Ship?

If you booked an air/sea package through the Cruise Line you have more
protection than if you booked your airfare separately. Cruise Lines are more likely to
make accommodations for you and work with the airline if it was their booking
that did not get you to the ship on time; they will also be better able to track your late
flight, and might even delay the ship if they know you will be there soon. If they
can't hold the ship, they might pay for you to stay in a hotel, or pay for flights so you
can catch up with the ship at the next port. Depending on circumstances, the
Cruise Line might even rebate some of your cruise or give you a discount toward your
next cruise with them.

With that being said it is important to remember that airlines are independent contractors.
Most cruise conditions of carriage state that since airlines are independent contractors the
cruise line makes no warranty, and assume no responsibility, for any failures or delays in
their contractor's (the airline's) services. Therefore, purchasing a trip insurance package
is strongly recommended.

If you booked the flight separately or used frequent flyer miles to pay for your airfare, the
best thing to do is to arrive a day or more before the sailing date. Otherwise, if you miss the
ship, it will be very expensive for you to catch the ship at the next port.

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