What Does My Luggage Look Like Under X-Ray?

Note: The tips and information provided on this website come directly from the manufactures of these items and/or countless posts of people sharing their experience. This website does not condone the misuse of any of these items in anyway. Those using any of this information for bringing alcohol on cruise line that does not allow it do so at their own risk.

X-ray imaging is a very effective way for cruise lines to protect people on board the cruise ship because they can easily see items that pose a threat to security.

But what about everyday items that have no security risks such as plastic rum runners and other plastic bottles such as shampoo bottles that manufactures make to help people sneak their alcohol on a cruise? What do these items look like under x-ray?

To get the answer to this we first need to understand what the colors in an x-ray image represent. According to Wikipedia, the color in the x-ray image will depend on the material found in the luggage:

1) Orange - This signifies items of organic nature such as: Clothing, Books, Fruit, Plastics
2) Blue - This signifies items of inorganic nature such as: Laptops, Phones, Keys, Metal
3) Green - This signifies items that are Mixed such as: a can of soup (because it is made of
organic and inorganic material)
4) Black - This signifies items that are of a very Dense Metal such as: a wrench.

Key Point:The Denser the object is, the darker shade of the color it will be.

Rum Runners

This means that for items such as Rum Runner Flasks, the plastic pouch would show up as orange in the image which would likely blend into the rest of your clothes and other items in your luggage.

The advantage of rum runners is that they do not have a recognizable shape to them unlike items such as wine or soda bottles. The cap to the Rum Runner will be a darker shade of orange; which is why it makes sense to keep the rum runners near the rest of your toiletries.

For more information on packing your alcohol: How to pack your alcohol in your Luggage.

Shampoo/Sunscreen/Listerine bottles

Hard plastic bottles such as Shampbooze, Smuggs Jugs, and the Sunscreen Flask will show up as a dark orange which is easily distinguishable, the advantage with these products however is that they look like common items that most people bring on vacation.

Here is an example of a X-Ray taken from someone's luggage/backpack:

X-Ray Luggage Alcohol
From this image we can see the
hard plastic bottles are colored
dark orange and easily visable to
the Cruise Staff that will be
x-raying your luggage.

The Blue items are either electronic
gadgets or light metallic objects.

The Green items are made up of
different materials, such as
plastic and metal.

The Black items are made of
a very Dense Metal.

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