Is Sneaking Alcohol on a Cruise Fair?

This topic is one of the most heated debates on the forums, there are many who are adamantly opposed to bringing your own alcohol on a cruise, and there are some who feel like it is only fair.

Below is a list of arguments from both sides gleaned from reading many forums about this topic, but first... Note: The tips and information provided on this website come directly from the manufactures of these items and/or countless posts of people sharing their experience. This website does not condone the misuse of any of these items in anyway. Those using any of this information for bringing alcohol on cruise line that does not allow it do so at their own risk.

Arguments against bringing Alcohol on a Cruise:

1) It is Against Cruise Line Policy

Anyone who is sneaking alcohol onto a cruise is breaking the policy set out by the cruise line and as a result the cruise line can do as they wish if they catch you.

2) Pricing is similar to bars and restaurants

The Price of drinks on a Cruise ship is similar to the price you would pay at a restaurant or a bar, so it is not considered price gouging.

3) Cruise Fares are low because of Alcohol sales

The reason why Cruises are so cheap is because the Cruise lines rely on Alcohol sales to bring in extra profit. If the majority of people start bringing their own alcohol on their cruise, this will eat into the Cruise Line profits and eventually increase the overall cruise fares for everyone.

4) Some of the Cruise staff will make less money

It's no secret that cruise employees do not make a tremendous amount of money; by bringing your own alcohol onboard a cruise ship you are in a way taking extra income away from these hard workers; some of the Cruise ship staff rely heavily on tips received from alcohol purchases.

Arguments for bringing Alcohol on a Cruise:

1) Drinks are overpriced.

Many people that smuggle alcohol onto a cruise believe that drinks are way overpriced and
feel like they are being taken advantage of.

In reply to the above argument that prices are the same at bars and restaurants; someone advocating bringing alcohol may say that you are not trapped in a restaurant for 7+days, and on top of that you do not pay a large fare to go to a restaurant or bar.

2) You can bring your own alcohol to a Hotel, why not a Cruise?

After all a cruise ship is just a glorified floating hotel right?

3) Personal Rights and Freedoms

Some feel that their personal rights are being taken away when Cruise Lines tell them that they cannot bring their own alcohol. Some would argue: what is next? Are they going to tell me I can't bring my own camera because they want to force me to buy overpriced professional photos?

What are your thoughts on this subject? Is there a line of reason that should be added to this page?

Feel free to post how you feel about this topic here, but remember to be courteous and respectful; abusive speech and personal insults will not be tolerated.

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