Is a Free Cruise Really Free?

Free Cruise Chances are you are reading this because you have heard
or received an offer for a free cruise. It could be in
the form of a post card, e-mail or phone call. It may
look legit when you see confirmation numbers, company
name(s) that seem to resemble major cruise lines,
reservation numbers and free written all over it.
But is there really such a thing as a free Cruise?

Is there such a thing as a Free Cruise?

The answer is yes; but you likely aren’t the recipient of it.

There are many, many companies out there that have been promoting a “free” Cruise.
The truth is that the majority of the businesses advertising this are not telling you about
all the fees they charge you for taking this “free” Cruise such as:

1) Port Charges
2) Government Taxes and Fees
3) Fuel Supplement Surcharge
4) Automatic Room Upgrade Fees
5) Excessive Pre-paid Gratuities

By the time you end up paying all of these fees you could end up shelling out over $500
for a “free” subpar cruise on an oversized ferry that lasts for just a couple days. On top of
that, many times you will have to sit through a high-pressure sales presentation, likely trying
to sell you a timeshare. These presentations could last for up to 5 hours!

How to tell a Fake Free Cruise From a Real Free Cruise

1) Do some research on the company, Go to the Better Business Bureau ( and
see if this company is legit.

2) A free Cruise is free. If you have to pay any type of fee whatsoever then it is not a free cruise.

3) If the person offering you this cruise says anything to pressure you into this such as: “you
must accept this offer now or it’s gone forever”. Hang up the phone and discontinue speaking
with this person.

4) If you win something without actually entering a real contest, you should be highly suspicious.
By a real contest we don’t mean filling out a small contact form and putting it into a gimmicky box.
Likely everyone filling out that slip is going to be “the winner of this free cruise”.

5) Anything that looks too good to be true is likely a scam. Common sense should be letting
you know that companies do not make money by giving away free things.

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