What if there is a Hurricane during my Cruise?

Hurricane Season officially starts June 1st and ends November 30th so half the year there is a chance you may have a Hurricane in motion during your Cruise. However, History has shown that the majority of hurricanes tend to be between August and Mid-October.

So does this mean you shouldn't sail during these months? Not at all! Here is why:

Are Cruise Ships Safe During a Hurricane?

Today's Cruise Ships are equipped with state of the art weather equipment that keeps
the Captain and his crew fully aware of a storm's position, and if he feels there is any
danger to his passengers, he can simply move the Floating Hotel to safer waters.
In fact the average speed a storm travels is around 8 to 10 knots, while Cruise Ships
are capable of reaching speeds of 22 knots and faster!

Sometimes because of these storms a ship may have to stay out in a safe area for another
day or two to let the storm pass, when this happens passengers enjoy the additional
stay on the house!

Be aware though that the water may be a little rough if the ship is anywhere in vicinity
of a Hurricane. If you are worried about motion sickness it is a good idea to book a Cabin
towards the Middle of the boat. Also larger boats do much better in turbulent waters than smaller
boats. So if you easily get motion sickness, make sure to book a cruise on a large ship such as
the Oasis of the Seas or the Allure of the Seas.

Canceled Cruises

The chances of you cruise being canceled are very rare even when there is an active storm around your
Itinerary! The only time Cruise Lines will cancel/delay your cruise is if the storm is heading directly for
your port of embarkation. If you cruise is canceled you will get a refund, and depending on the cruise line you
may even get future cruise discounts because of your inconvenience!

Tip if you are sailing during a storm:

If you are aware that you will be sailing during a storm make sure to bring along some sort
of anti-sea sickness medication. Even those with the toughest of stomachs may start to experience
some sickness if the boat is moving a lot!

Be sure to bring along Dramamine or Motion Eaze

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