How much do Cruises cost?

This answer depends mainly on five things:

1) Stateroom Category
2) Your Cruise Line
3) Your Ship
4) Your Itinerary
5) When you book your Cruise

That being said it is hard to say how much an average cruise will cost you.

During the months of August-November when cruises have a hard time filling up their
boats in the Caribbean, it is very typical to see 4-7 night cruises for under $300 per person!

But in the prime season such as July it can be hard to find anything under $500 per person.

But also keep in mind that this does not include taxes/port fees, gratuities, parking,
excursions and so on.

Extra Fees to keep in mind

1) Your Flight

For those fortunate enough to live within driving distance to the cruise port this does not apply.
But if you need to fly be sure to count the cost before booking your cruise. Your flight
will likely be the most costly extra expense you will incur.

2) Taxes and Port Fees

Depending on your Itinerary your taxes and port fees will vary.
A 7 day cruise that visits 3 islands could run you about $120 per person,
whereas a 4 day cruise that visits only 2 islands may be around $80 per person.

These are not exact prices because all ports will charge the cruise line their own fee.

3) Parking

This is probably one of the most annoying fees you will pay!
Most parking garages at cruise terminals will run you about $15-$20 per day!

4) Gratuities

Gratuities will vary depending on the cruise line you choose, but typically you can expect
to pay about $10-20 per person per day for tipping all of the people who serve you
such as your stateroom attendants and waiters.

5) Excursions

Excursions are completely optional but excursions can and most likely will add a lot of
excitement and fun to your cruise! All excursions vary in price and are typically worth the money;
so be sure to set aside some extra cash for these unique experiences!

Most excursions will typically run around $20-$200 per person depending on the money
involved with the excursion. Typically tours will be at the lower end, whereas
activities such as swimming with dolphins will be at the higher end.


Taking all of this into mind, cruising is still one of the cheapest forms of vacationing. It is
very easy for a couple to spend less than $2000 assuming they live within driving distance to the port.

Follow this link for more information on How to get the Cheapest Cruise.

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