Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing your Cruise

Is Cruising for me?
What's the best time to take a Cruise?
How old do I have to be to sail aboard a Cruise Ship?
What types of cruises are there?
Where can I go on a Cruise Ship?
What kind of boats are available to cruise on?
How do I know the ship will not sink?
How long does a Cruise last?
Are Cruises Round-Trip or One-way?
How far in advance should I plan?
How do I decide which cruise line to choose?
How much do Cruises cost and how can I get the best deal?
Is a Free Cruise Really Free?

Booking your Cruise

What does my Cruise fare include?
What does my Cruise fare not include?
Can I get matched with a roommate?
Can I book for a group, wedding or other special occasion?
How do I pay for my cruise?
Can I redeem or earn frequent flyer miles when purchasing a cruise?
If I cancel my cruise, will I receive a refund?

Planning for your Cruise

What should I pack?
Will I need formalwear?
What travel documents do I need?
What if I miss the ship?
What if there is a Hurricane during my Cruise?

Sneaking Alcohol on your Cruise

How do I Sneak Alcohol on my Cruise?
What happens if I get caught sneaking Alcohol on a Cruise Ship?
How much Alcohol am I allowed to bring on a Cruise Ship?
What if my Stateroom Attendant sees my Alcohol that I snuck on?
How should I pack Alcohol in my Luggage?
What does my Luggage look like under X-Ray?
Is Sneaking Alcohol on a Cruise Fair?