How to Get the Cheapest Cruise

What determines your Cruise Price?

Getting the Best Deal on your Cruise involves many factors! Some factors effect the price of
your Cruise Greatly, while others effect it by only a few dollars. Here are the main factors to
consider when planning your cruise:

1) Supply and Demand.
2) How far in advance you book your cruise.
3) Your Itinerary
4) Your Stateroom
5) Your Ship

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand is by far the greatest factor that effects if you will get a good deal on your
cruise. If a Cruise Line has a lot of vacancy on a particular ship on a particular day, you better
believe you are going to get an incredible deal!

So How do you take advantage of this Supply and Demand Factor?

Learn the cruise seasons...
For instance, the demand for Caribbean cruises drops dramatically around August-December.
Whereas the price for an Alaska cruise sores during the Summer months.
For more information on Cruise Seasons click here

How Far in Advance you Book your Cruise

Should you book your cruise way in advance? or should you wait for Hot Last Minute Deals?
The answer really depends on your flexibility when it comes to the date you want to sail.

When to book your Cruise Last Minute:
1) You are flexible as to the day you want to sail.
2) You plan on booking your cruise during the Shoulder Season

When to book your Cruise Early:
1) You are not flexible as to the day you need to sail.
2) You plan on booking your cruise during the Busy Season.

If you are flexible then you are ALWAYS going to get the best deal at the last minute During the non-peak seasons for your cruise.
If you are NOT flexible then you are better off booking your cruise early!
Mostly because you are not a fortune teller and cannot predict if there will be low demand for your particular sail date.

Your Itinerary

Not all ports are created equal!

Some cruise lines actually own their own Islands; for instance Royal Caribbean owns an island called Cococay.
This means that when your itinerary for Royal Caribbean includes this island as part of the cruise,
the cost to you will be a lot cheaper!

Why is this? Well not only will the Cruise Line save money on docking fees but they will often control
all excursion, merchandise and food sales!
They will pass the majority of these savings/profit margins on to the customer.

Click here for a list of Which Cruise Line owns what Island.

Your Stateroom

There are mainly four different categories when it comes to your stateroom;
1) Inside: No View
2) Outside: Ocean views through a window that cannot be opened or porthole.
3) Balcony: Cabin has a door opening onto an outdoor space where you can take in the sea breezes.
4) Suite: Larger Cabin, often with a bathtub or Jacuzzi, sometimes even more amenities are included.

Inside cabins are always cheapest; Suites are always the most expensive.
You generally pay less if you are in the lower portion of the ship and more if your cabin is higher up.

Tip: Cruise Lines typically have the hardest time filling up inside/interior Cabins; because of this
most Cruise Lines will drop the price on interior cabins (especially during the last 3 weeks before sailing) so low
that if it were not for all the extras that they rely on you purchasing, they would end up losing money on you!

Your Ship

Your ship quality can make a big difference on price. Typically the smaller ships will be cheaper,
but remember smaller ships will offer less entertainment and you will feel more movement when the waves get choppy.

The newer the ships will often cost more, especially the brand new ships; so if you are looking
for a good deal, make sure to look at vessels that are at least 2+ years old.

Finally, some cruise ships will be more expensive simply because they are owned by a certain Cruise Line.
So if you are looking for the most inexpensive ship, Carnival and Royal Caribbean typically deliver.