Best Cruise Line Rated by Category.

1) For Families
2) For the Young and the Young at Heart
3) For the Money
4) For Solo Travelers
5) For Older ones 55+

Best Cruise Line for Families

Recently it seems like every Cruise Line wants to be known as family-friendly. Your kids will likely enjoy any mainstream or premium Cruise Line. However, Carnival and Disney Cruise Line stand out above the rest for their exceptionally comprehensive children's and teens' programs.

Disney Cruise Line is the winner in this category, for obvious reasons. The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder ship have entire decks dedicated to kid-friendly activities. Their ships also come with Adult only areas. Disney characters make appearances throughout the sailing; and cabins are designed to accommodate families with extra beds and split bathrooms.

Carnival is the runner up for family friendly cruises. Camp Carnival offers age-specific, supervised activities for kids ages two to five, six to eight, nine to 11, 12 to 14, and 15 to 17. Their ships offer extensive children's play areas, as well as the Club O2 teen lounge. Children do not need to be toilet-trained to take part in Camp Carnival activities.

Disney Cruise Line   Carnival Cruise Line

Best Cruise Line for Young People

To recommend the Best Cruise Line for Young people, we would first have to assume:

1) You don't have a lot of money, and want the maximum value for your dollar.
2) You are looking for a ship that offers many fun activities.
3) You would prefer to see others around the same age as you.

If this is you then your best bet is to find a cheap Royal Caribbean Cruise. The best time
to find rock bottom prices on cruises is during the non-season time for your destination,
click here for more information on Cruise Seasons

Another reason why Royal Caribbean is the favorite for the younger crowd is because of all
the fun activities they have to choose from such as: rock walls on every ship,
basketball courts, many of their newer ships offer flow riders and some even have
a zip line 9 stories high!

Carnival Cruise Line can be nice for young adults as well, the plethora of slides and
very competitive pricing make Carnival a top contender!

Overall Royal Caribbean is the winner of this category.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line   Carnival Cruise Line

Best Cruise Line for the Money

Cruise Lines are being very competitive lately. Some cruise lines are now charging half of what
they typically charge just to fill up their boats in hopes that they will make money off of you in other
areas such as Casinos, Alcohol, Specialty Dining, etc.

So which Cruise Lines do this? Well the answer is a lot of them do;
For instance, Carnival Cruise Line has been lowering their prices drastically to try and make up
for the bad publicity they have faced recently.

But we have found that one line in particular gives the best Cruise for the money...
RCI (Royal Caribbean International) is the winner of this category, especially if you are
a Florida Resident. Their last minute deals to fill up boats that have vacancy are unreal!

This is why RCI is the winner of this category, because no other deals come close to theirs!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line   Carnival Cruise Line

Best Cruise Line for Solo Travelers

Booking a Cruise as a Solo Traveler can be frustrating and downright expensive. The Reason is
that most Cruise Lines have rooms that are designed for two or more people. When one person
occupies a two person room the Cruise Line has one less person to collect money off of
Alcohol Purchases, Casino, Excursions, Spa Treatments and the list goes on...

So instead of charging you a normal rate, what do they do? They increase your fare by 150-200%!
So then, what Cruise Line is the best for Solo Travelers?

Well one Cruise Line and more specifically two Cruise Ships have specialized in accommodating
Solo Travelers. Norwegian Cruise Line has created "Studio" style staterooms that are specifically
designed and priced for one person!

That is why Norwegian Cruise Line's ships: "Norwegian Epic" and "Norwegian Breakaway" are
the winner of this category!

Norwegian Cruise Line

Best Cruise Line for Older ones

What do Seniors and Retirees look for in a Cruise?

1) The Itinerary – Most older ones have traveled to the more common areas and are looking
for a cruise line that will take them somewhere they have never been before!

2) Enrichment Programs: Seniors enjoy keeping their minds active! Thus older
ones will look for a Cruise line that will offer many programs to help keep their mind in shape.

3) Accessibility: Unfortunately when we get up in age we aren’t as limber as we used to be so
choosing a Cruise Line with good accessibility and medical care is a must!

This is why we recommend Holland America (HAL) and Celebrity Cruise Line if you are older.
Both of these Cruise Lines offer a wide selection of Itineraries (especially HAL). Both Cruise
Lines offer wonderful enrichment programs, and the best accessibility and medical care!

Holland America   Celebrity Cruise Line