How to Sneak Alcohol on Board a Cruise Ship

Here is the big question that many people want to know...How to get Alcohol, Liquor, Beer and Wine on a cruise ship. We plan to give you the whole story, but first...

Note: The tips and information provided on this website come directly from the manufactures of these items and/or countless posts of people sharing their experience. This website does not condone the misuse of any of these items in anyway. Those using any of this information for bringing alcohol on cruise line that does not allow it do so at their own risk.

That being said, there are many retailers that do encourage you to bring your own alcohol on a cruise ship by providing very effective products designed for doing so. If you are looking for a way to get alcohol on your cruise, these are the most popular and successful methods of doing so.

Rum Runner Flasks

Rum Runners for Sneaking Alcohol on a Cruise The Rum Runner is probably the most popular and effective way to smuggle alcohol onto a cruise ship. Rum Runners help liquor avoid detection when your luggage goes through the x-ray machine; although rum runners are not 100% invisible to x-ray scanners, they do blend in with most of your other items in your bag; typically the only part that is easily visible is the cap, which is not easily distinguished from other caps.
Rum Runners are relatively inexpensive:

A Single 32oz Flask will be less than $10; the Multi-Pack (pictured) less than $29

Smuggling Tips

Here are a few Rum Runner Flask Tips:

1) Fill your flasks no more than 85% full, and remember to squeeze out the excess air.
2) Put your Rum Runner Flask in a heavy duty zip lock bag.
3) Make sure your flasks are surrounded by soft cushy items, and kept near your toiletries.
4) Do Not put all your eggs in one basket (in this case your suitcase.)
5) NEVER put the flasks in your carry on! Especially if you plan on flying to the port!
    (TSA will not be kind)
6) Once on board, keep your Rum Runner Flasks out of sight;
    the best place is in the onboard safe.
7) If your Rum Runner Flasks get caught during scanning, they likely will either
    take your liquor and keep it until the last night of the cruise or throw it away;
    but they won’t make you walk the plank!

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Shampoo/Listerine Bottles

Listerine Bottle for Sumuggling Alcohol on CruiseEveryone has small bottles in their suitcases, containing items ranging from mouthwash to shampoo.

One popular method is to empty and wash out these bottles, then fill them with your drink of choice. The good news is that it is pretty much impossible for them to inspect every single bottle that goes through the x-ray.

The downside is that no matter how good you clean your shampoo/Listerine bottles out, they tend to carry their existing taste into your alcohol so unless you like your rum to be minty fresh you may want to pass on this option.

A couple retailers in particular sell empty bottles that look like shampoo and conditioner products, but instead are used to store your alcohol in your checked luggage. This product works very well and leaves no lingering taste in your alcohol. If your bag actually does get checked you will have much better odds of not getting your alcohol removed!

This product is called "Shampbooze"
It can currently be found on Amazon for $12.99

Shampbooze comes with 2x16oz Bottles (one for Shampoo one for Conditioner) and they switch up their label often so that cruise staff are not able to catch on to their product as easily.

Smuggs Jugs Ultimate Bottle Flask Kit hide Liquor It's competitor: Smuggs Jugs Ultimate Bottle Flask Kit sells their product for less than $22 which includes a total of 57 ounces split between 4 bottles. This product also comes with extra seal protection caps that the Shampbooze product does not have. But the downside of Smuggs is that they do not change their label often like Shampbooze does, so it is possible during a manual inspection that the staff may be able to recognize this product more often than Shampbooze.

The Wine Bottle

Smuggle Liquor in your Wine Bottle Most cruise lines allow each guest to bring one bottle of wine on board.

The trick here is to bring a wine bottle, but fill it with your favorite spirit instead. Of course, the cruise lines are catching on, and stopping people if they notice that the wine bottle has been opened, so you’ll have to spend a little bit of time preparing it.

If the bottle has a screw on cap, do your best to make sure it does not appear tampered with. Employees obviously don’t want to open a sealed bottle, therefore if they can’t tell if it’s sealed or not, they’re unlikely to try opening it.

If the bottle has a cork, this can be a little more challenging, you will need to force the cork back in somehow. The good news is that if you do manage to get the cork back in, there’s pretty much zero chance that they’ll attempt to open it.

If you fail to get the Wine Cork back into the bottle, there is still another option! You can buy PVC Shrink Capsules in many different colors, these Capsules work very well, all you have to do is fill your wine bottle up with whatever you choose, put the capsule over the top of the bottle, heat it with a hair dryer and let it completely seal. Their cost is less than $6 for 30 of them!

The Water Bottle Trick

Vodka in Water Bottle Trick This is one of the more popular methods that everyone thinks is going to work, but in reality you are much more likely to get caught using this method.

How to do it: You first need a bottle cap with its seal still intact. You can obtain this by either buying them online or submerging a sealed bottle cap in boiling water and prying it off a regular bottle. After this is done the next step is to empty out one of the 6 bottles in the water pack and fill up that bottle with your desired alcohol to the same level as the other 5 water bottles in the pack.

Why this doesn't work: Assuming that you went through the work of doing it the right way by not breaking the seal and filling up the 6th bottle to the same exact level as the others which can be time consuming and just an overall pain in the butt. The staff letting you on the boat have seen everything, particularly this trick; all they have to do is shake the pack and they will notice that the one containing the alcohol will bubble.

So although this technique sounds good in theory you are best to pass on this option.

The Sunscreen Flask

Sunscreen Flask Conceal Rum The Sunscreen flask used to be listed under the smaller, more trivial section of this page; but not anymore! The old sunscreen flask used to contain only one 8oz flask carrying a price tag of $10, but now a new retailer has put together a pack of two 8oz flasks for under $10!

While the ounce to price ratio may not be as great as the shampoo bottles; the sunscreen flask is a great alternative as well as a great companion to the shampoo bottle flasks! Just like the shampoo flasks this product is made from food safe plastic and will not leave any lingering taste to your alcohol.

If you choose to purchase this product remember to take the same precautions as you would with a rum runner flask; also take a minute to look over our tips for packing alcohol.

The Body Flasks

Just when you thought you saw it all...There are many types of body flasks out there, but here are the down falls:

1) Your alcohol will get warm very fast when it is attached to your body.
2) No plastic pouch is leak proof, leaving you at risk of looking like you wet yourself.
3) They are more expensive and do not hold that much liquid (besides the Beer Belly).

All that being said it looks like a lot of fun and might be worth the amount of amusement you get from it. Here are some of the Body Flask options out there:

Beer Belly Body Flask

Beer Belly
- Holds 80 ounces - Cost: $34.54

Wine Rack Body Flask

Wine Rack
- Holds 25 ounces - Cost: $29.95

Freedom Body Flask

Freedom Flask
- Holds 32 ounces - Cost: $24.99

Other Small Flasks

Many of these flasks work great; however the ratio of how much alcohol
they can hold to how much money they cost may make some of these techniques trivial.

Here are some of the Smaller Flask options out there:

Binocular Flask Evade Cocktail

Binocular Flask
- Holds 16 ounces - Cost: $15.63

Tampon Flasks Hidden Beer

Tampon Flasks
- Holds 5 ounces - Cost: $9.99

Hair Brush Sneak Wine

Hair Brush Flask
- Holds 6 ounces - Cost: $31.49

Camera Smuggle Liquor

Camera Flask
- Holds 5 ounces - Cost: $19.99

Hide Booze in Cell Phone

Cell Phone Flask
- Holds 3 ounces - Cost: $15.99